How Narcotics Can Affect You

Narcotics are dangerous drugs that could alter someone’s perception, attentiveness and sensory functions. Doctors only use narcotics to lessen and remove the pain to help patient survive and endure surgery. Without the drug it would be very hard to keep everything safe during medical procedure.

Narcotics and opium are closely related, and hence the component makes it addictive. So what is opium, if you have never seen or heard of this drug then this plant is taken from a seed that has not fully grown. It also contains alkaloids that created narcotics, one of the powerful drugs today.

Other therapeutic compounds that are taken from alkaloids and develop into other powerful narcotic drugs are Papayerine, Codeine and Morphine. Now aside from these, Levorphanol, Demerol, Nisentil, Prinadol, Numorphan, Dilaudid, Dvec, Leritine, Dolphine are just synthetic drugs derived from alkaloids as well.

Narcotics are unlike from one another because of their potency, as each one is designed for a specific purpose only. It does not matter if the drug created is just a mere analgesic, several individuals can still experiences addiction if abused is present.

The side effects of narcotic drugs are drowsiness, euphoria, anxiety, equanimity, analgesia and respiration. Another thing about side effects is that, they can also become dangerous if the drug taken have high dosage or combine with alcohol or other narcotic drugs. At first, they will fall asleep and then their brain function will stop working until the respiratory system succumbs eventually, and they die.

A person that has accidentally taken the drug must be keep awake to keep their brain function working and until the drugs wore off. Bear in mind that narcotics are lethal if used frequently, which is why addicts or those who have long term narcotics problems are not advised to take narcotics again even for medical reasons.

The normal process of narcotic addiction typically starts with consistent use due to pain or other medical condition. But as the individual continue using the drug, their body will become accustomed to it, which could force them to ups their dosage.

To counter the effect of narcotics abused or reversed the condition, there are drugs created to do this. Nalline or Nalorphine is the drugs prescribed to drug addicts and people suffering from overdosed. But these are also not recommended for every addict, especially if they have been using narcotics for quite some time now.

So if you have been taking narcotic drugs, it is better to start withdrawing from these drugs to be safer.

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